Like many, we were very impressed with one of the most legendary and memorable figure in NBA history. This figure was none other than Kobe Bryant who ended his career after a long 20 years legacy as a pro basketball player.

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What We Can Learn From Kobe Bryant


1 – Talent Is Overrated

Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest basketball players of all time but he did not get there without lots of practice and time dedication. Reported as one of the hardest worker in the NBA, he simply got to where he is because he worked harder than anyone else around him.

In our society we often credit people who are successful and say that they are ‘talented’. People start to assume that these people are born with a gift or an ability that we simply do not have. But truth to be told is that these people, like Kobe, are relentless hard workers who worked very hard to get to where he is.

Call it a media bluff. The reason we assume these people have talents is because we do not see the grit these people had to go through in their lives. The sacrifices they had to make in order to come up top.  In order words, Talent is overrated.

2 – Success Brings Success

The feeling of being successful is amazing. And usually that feeling gives you a better feeling to continue pushing forward.

The danger here is to stop and rest on your successes.

There were many opportunities for Kobe to stop working so hard. Even though Kobe was the best player in school & then eventually the country, he didn’t just stop there. He continued to practice relentlessly, showing up at 5am and only leaving when the sun sets.

There will come lots of reasons for us to stop working so hard when we reach a success milestone. However the real deal comes when you never stop looking for successes.

Take Apple for example. They were successful when they first came out with the 1st-generation iPhone. But did they stop there? No. They continued to innovate and create more successes after the 1st generation iPhone.

Success brings success.

3 – Always Get A Mentor

Success wasn’t always with Kobe. He was thought to give up basketball because of his lack of talent during a basketball camp when he scored zero points.

Although not directly a mentor, Kobe has been following the footsteps of Michael Jordan by outworking everyone else on his path to the Hall-of-Fame. With an indrect mentor to follow, Kobe has followed the path of Michael and proved that hard work is able to overcome talent.

Without someone like Michael, the chances of Jordan being able to follow become slimmer.

We all need mentors in our life. Mentors are people who have experienced more than us and is better than us. Only then we would be able to grow and follow a path that has already been proven for success.


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