Rockwills Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is a member of Rockwills International Group. It is the first company to provide personalized Professional Will-writing and Professional Will Custody Services with paid capital of RM4.375 million. Rockwills Corporation is now the market leader and no. 1 in Professional Will-writing Services in Malaysia.

Rockwills International Group has been in business since 1995 and provides services covering will-writing, will custody, trust services and other services.





Experience and expertise

Jocelline Chee is a Senior Professional Estate Planner who is specializes in Will Writing and Trust guidance services in Malaysia. She is also the founder of WILL GENERATION RESOURCES ( A Service Centre of Rockwills at Raja Uda).

Jocelline has 3 years of experience in Will-Writing and Trust guidance matters. She has administered and helped many clients in the preparation of their will and the setting up on trust to protect their loved ones and securing their valued assets. Her expertise and dedication to provide the highest level of service adds value to every client relationship. She provides a high level of personal service to his clients by understanding their estate planning needs and discussing with them on the preparation of their will and trust. Jocelline’s common goal is to ensure that the unique needs of each individual client is fulfilled.

In addition, Jocelline has received awards and recognition as a qualifier for both the annual Rockwills CEO Award and Rockwills Golden Club Award. She is also a qualifier for Rockwills 100K Club members.


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