Before you make any investment plans, you need to find out what is your estimated current weighted average return of all your assets.

All your assets? Yes,

this includes money in the bank, EPF balances, investment properties, unit trusts, stocks, bonds, money market funds and even single premium endowments.

Is your weighted average higher than the assumed discount rate used in computation for retirement planning? If it is higher, are you assuming too much risk? If it is below, are you overly being too conservative?


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Professional financial planners’ definition of investment planning is broader as it includes all assets you have. Your ENTIRE assets are treated as a single portfolio. There is no “education portfolio”, “retirement portfolio”, “emergency cash portfolio”, etc. Everything you owned is considered as one portfolio.


Calculation of existing weighted average return is only done under comprehensive financial planning approach. No financial advisers perform weighted average calculation if it is not a comprehensive planning. That is why you don’t get to hear of it.