What is The Liang Wing Sim Financial Health Check?

The LWS Health Check is a process that involves identifying your goals, establishing priorities, and accessing your available options to help you achieve your financial future.

It provides a sound foundation for you to build a more secure financial future.

Why Should You Do The Financial Heath Check?

Similar to a medical health check-up, the LWS Financial Health Check assesses your financial situation. Everyone has different needs at different stages in their life. When you are uncertain or faced with a financial shortfall, you may want to talk to us about your financial concerns.

Our vision is to help you get what you want by providing advice, innovative solutions and “top of class” service in financial services.The LWS Financial Health Check aims to help you identify your financial needs and assist you to make informed decisions.

Our partners are trained to recommend solutions to meet your financial needs. Let us help you achieve your lifetime financial goals. Start by going through the Financial Health Check.

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