The Lucky Firefly passenger who won the Grand Prize of ‘Fly Firefly & Win  BMW’ happened to be non other than our very own Liang Yee Kai!

Firefly Airlines revealed the much-anticipated Grand Prize winners at a ceremony held at the Firefly’s Headquarters in Subang on 25th August 2015. The contest held between 18 May to 2 August 2015 where passengers who booked between that time would be in the running to win a BMW 320i sports line car. Every ticket purchased will entitle a passenger for a single (1) entry. This means that you’ll get a higher chance of winning if you bought more tickets, up to 10 tickets (every passenger is entitled to 10 entries).

The campaign was organized by Firefly as a way to reward their passengers for choosing Firefly. There were over 50,000 entries received according to Ignatius Ong, Firefly’s Chief Executive Officer.

At the end of the competition, ten lucky winners  were chosen to win thee Firefly Cash Vouchers which were worth RM100 each. Weekly winners were announced every Monday in Firefly’s website and in the newspaper. For the final draw, a total of four Grand Finale winners were chosen culminating in a brand new BMW 320i Sports Line car for a luck passenger, Mr Liang Yee Kai, a 29 year old certified financial planner from Penang.

Liang flew four times with Firefly during the campaign period and sent an entry in each time.

“As a financial planner, I have to travel all over the country to meet my clients. Firefly has always been my airline of choice due to its flight frequency, convenient city airport location in Subang, good punctuality record and competitive price. So when the “fly Firefly & Win A BMW” campaign was launched, I did not hesitate to book all my flights to Kuala Lumpur on Firefly as all i needed to do was to send a short text message to participate in the draw.

I could not believe my ears when I received the phone call to inform that I have won the BMW 320i. My first thoughts was – this must be a prank call from on of the local radio stations. It took several minutes for the Firefly representative to calm me down and convince me that this was not a joke,” said Liang when asked about his reaction to winning the luxury car.” – Liang Yee Kai

Liang explained that one of the first things he would like to do upon receiving his new orange car is to take it for a spin around Penang island.

“I would like to congratulate Mr. Liang Yee Kai  as today he will be driving home the one-of-its-kind BMW 320i Sport Line custome-painted with Firefly colours. This campaign was just one of the many promotional activities that we have planned for 2015” – Ong

The other three winners of the Grand Finale prizes were Mr Ng Khai ing, Mr Shamsul Bahrin bin Abdullah and Ms Sri Kiruthyha Murugesan.