Here are some testimonials we have received from our clients.

1. Low Khea Wah – Wellness Coach


I first met Mr. Liang Yee Kai a year ago when I joined BNI achievers Chapter in Penang. I learnt that Yee Kai is a Certified Financial Planner providing Unit Trust & Bonds investment services. However I didn’t pay much attention to his services then as there are way too many such service providers in the market.

Earlier this year, I decided to withdraw my EPF savings with intention to invest somewhere else.

I have my od investment associates but in view of the Givers Gain philosophy in BNI, I discussed with Yee Kai before investing my EPF savings. I’m glad I did that! In spire of Yee Kai’s young age he demonstrated his composure and competency in funds investment…. probably because of the influence from his parent’s involvement in the trade for more than 25 years!

I’ve invested part of my EPF withdrawals through Yee Kai and am happy with his services. I’ve since introduced my in-laws to invest through him and they are also very happy with Yee Kai’s services too.

I’ll be happy to continue to refer friends & relatives who wants such investment services to him in the future.

With regards and best wishes.

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