What are the benefits of contributing to PRS?


Professional Management

  • The funds under PRS will be professionally managed with the purpose of meeting the retirement objective of members.

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  • Contributions are not bound by any fixed amount or fixed periods.
  • Individuals can contribute according to their age and risk tolerance.
  • Contributors will have the option to switch funds (subject to terms and conditions) or contribute to more than one fund under PRS.


Tax Incentives

  • Members who made contribution to the PRS funds are allowed to claim for a tax relief of up to RM3,000 per annum for the first 10 years from assessment year 2012 (together with any deferred annuity payment).
  • Income distributed from the PRS funds to members will be exempted from Malaysian income tax.
  • Employers who made contribution to the PRS on behalf of their employees are allowed to claim tax deduction against their business income on the contribution made up to 19% of the employee’s remuneration (together with contribution made to any other approved scheme).

How to contribute to Public Mutual PRS funds?

  • For prospective members of the funds, you are required to complete the Private Pension Administrator (PPA) Account Opening Form and new fund Application Form that comes with the Disclosure Document obtainable free upon request
  • Your application will only be processed by us upon the receipt of your PPA number from the Private Pension Administrator (PPA).
  • Your application form, together with the contribution amount made out in a cheque in favour of “Public Mutual Berhad” followed by your “New NRIC No.” (for initial contribution), can be submitted to any of the Public Bank branches. You are advised to write down your name, new NRIC/Passport Number and telephone number at the back of the cheque. Please retain the bank-in slip issued by the bank for your record and future reference.
  • Minimum initial contribution for each fund – RM1,000
  • You may add to your account as and when you feel so inclined by depositing your cash/cheque made in favour of Public Mutual Berhad followed by “Account No. of targeted fund”, into the collection accounts maintained at Public Bank.
  • Minimum additional contribution for each fund – RM100
  • You may contribute regularly into your account. This can be easily done through issuing Direct Debit Authorisation with Public Bank Berhad.