Portfolio consists of all your assets.

  • If your weighted average return is too high it implies you are taking excessive risk. → Professional financial planners can help you reduce your risk (and return) through rebalancing.
  • Traditionally rebalancing refers to shifting of assets between bonds and equities. → Professional financial planners’ rebalancing includes your cash, fixed deposits, EPF balances, properties and of course bonds and equities.

This single portfolio is managed so as to attempt to achieve the targeted assumed investment return required by education planning and retirement planning.

Investment planning is meant to achieve your financial goals in education planning and retirement planning.

This single portfolio consists of your ENTIRE assets. It is important to hire professional personnel to do this and not merely an investment adviser who is good in bonds and equities. Such a person is required to understand about other assets classes such as cash, fixed deposits and EPF rules.

You will be amazed how little financial salespersons know about these because advising on cash, fixed deposits and EPF rules pays no commission.

How to find someone who can advice on EPF rules and fixed deposit?

Talk to us, we will assign you a representative to assist YOU